Your Technical SEO Consultant

SEO Analyst
Hi, I am Harsh Vardhan. A developer turned SEO specialist

What differentiates your service?

I leverage high-performance tools like GatsbyJs to provide a fully SEO friendly frontend architecture for companies so that you only need a technical SEO analyst once for setting up the batteries included infrastructure.
What's involved in your strategy?

  • Setting GatsbyJs for landing page and content

  • Keeping Google PageSpeed insight score near 100

  • Making Blogs SEO compliant by default

  • Researching the right keywords for content

  • Optimising Media Content (Video & Image)

  • Auditing Pages using Ahrefs site auding tool

Any Proven Work?

Check out my product SalesJump, which now ranks on the 2nd page after just 2 months of release. The site has been optimized using  Google page speed. Every strategy that will be applied in my service has been previously battle-tested in my product.