In the game of SEO, competitors are decisive factor

December 03, 2020

One of the strongest points in SEO is decided by the very sites you aim to rank above. Assuming that if you complete all the criteria of SEO you’ll be able to reach page 1 regardless of whom are you competing against, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Competitors in the SEO space if have already taken the right steps and have entered long before you, the probability of you winning over them in ranking might be near impossible.

Here’s why I think (strong assumption) my own product has high chances of eventually reaching first page -

From technical point of view my Competitor’s aren’t good


It can be seen in my product Landing Page is near perfect from a technical perspective whereas if I do pagespeed score check of first-page first position holder, the site doesn’t seem very optimised.


Yet these scores don’t give an immediate advantage over rivals, the first position holder still has the advantage of receiving 33% of the organic clicks alone.

Search gives diluted result


It can be seen that search result for squarespace whatsapp gives a

  • Reddit link which is merely a discussion
  • Fiverr link for building a WhatsApp chat on-demand and not an immediate goto solution.

There is a chance that I can fight to position my site over these diluted links.

So what’s the final conclusion ?

If you are entering the game of SEO, do ensure

  • your competitors aren’t too good
  • you aren’t SEO’ing for very broad search results

go niche and then go big 🙂

Harsh Vardhan  is a SEO consultant & software developer using a mix of technical and content writing skills to optimise your site ranking