Gatsby As Technology Stack For SEO

November 29, 2020

Realising product page rank is bad

When I initially built my SaaS (Software-as-a-service) product, never bothered about choosing separate technology stack just for SEO. I was using ReactJs as the choice of front end technology and just used to fill in the basics of SEO

  • adding a title
  • description
  • h1 and h2 tags

To me, all this felt sufficient. Was I right? nope, I was dead wrong. My product was showing up on page 5. That made me realise there was some extra effort needed.

Filling the skill gap

I was just a developer at the very core, not an SEO specialist. I needed a technology that let me leverage my existing skillset - ReactJs. Searching online I came across Gatsby, promising that it had all the SEO capabilities baked into it. So I decided to go with this.

Replacing the old landing page

To me initially as a newbie to SEO Gatsby felt very pleasant due to the presence of strong opinions on what needed to be done. Gatsby being batteries included technology for SEO, I could easily overlook tiny details. I installed a gatsby plugin for SEO.

Cause and effect

After replacing the landing page with gatsby I decided to check the performance using Google’s Page insight, which google uses to measure performance and as one of the factors to decide ranking.


Along with the performance the ranking improved from page 5 to page 3 over two months. To summarise the entire experience - for someone who knows ReactJs, it can be a no-brainer journey to SEO.

Harsh Vardhan  is a SEO consultant & software developer using a mix of technical and content writing skills to optimise your site ranking