Actionable Strategies For Improving PageSpeed Score [For Non Techies]

December 01, 2020

Google built this tool that is quite a bit popular among software developers but assuming that it is only for coder’s isn’t true. There are plenty of ways you can improve your site’s PageSpeed score without writing a line of code.

1. Reduce image size


Image optimisation tools like tinyjpg can reduce image size significantly without degrading the quality much.

2. Convert to avif format

Avif image format can support the same quality images in even smaller file size. Convert using tools like Convertio which support conversion of most image formats.

3. Embed youtube videos only using performance optimising libraries

Adding youtube videos as it is using embed can slow down performance significantly. So you can use libraries like one built for gatsby which prevents slowing down the performance of pages that have youtube embedded in them.

pagespeed-score.png Moving my site from React to Gatsby increased the score from 45 to 86. But to further improve it these simple steps have made a difference

Harsh Vardhan  is a SEO consultant & software developer using a mix of technical and content writing skills to optimise your site ranking