Finding Right Keywords

November 30, 2020

The low hanging fruit

Searching for the right keywords can be a decisive factor in your site ranking, and with some easy to use tools out there, it’s one of the low hanging fruits. I personally prefer ahrefs keywords explorer. It can be a bit expensive, even the cheapest tier is $99/month. But you can simply use their $7 trial for 7 days and take a screenshot of the potential keywords like myself for future use 🙂.


Steps to Use it ?

  • Enter the keyword you want to optimise for
  • Find the keywords with low KD (keyword Difficulty) - They are the easiest to SEO
  • Ensure the keywords have revelance to your business/website/topic - like squarespace-help, squarespace-customer-service and squarespace-support for my case.
  • Use these keywords in your title, description, h1 and h2 tags.

Faster outcome than planned

Within mere two days my product went all the way from bottom of page 2 to almost the top of page 2. All I did was just add new found keywords from the tool in my site. Stongly recommend not to miss on this strategy.

Harsh Vardhan  is a SEO consultant & software developer using a mix of technical and content writing skills to optimise your site ranking