Ultimate Starter Kit For
Non-Technical SEO Consultants

Way too long technical checklist to SEO your website? 😥

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Hey SEO consultants,

Launch your SEO compliant content website in 2 minutes for free 🚀

Do not let your lack of coding skills be a setback for you. Webkit gets all your technical requirements for SEO covered. You focus on content writing. Webkit takes care of the rest. 🙂

What exactly Webkit let you do ?

✅ Write markdown files that are SEO compliant by default


✅ Embed youtube videos in markdown without slowing down page loading time


✅ Connect with your custom domain and make your site go live for free forever


✅ Caches pages for offline availability so your users don't get to see dino


✅ Users can add your site to the home screen as if its a mobile app and improve retention

And much more...

  • Connect Google analytics

  • Generate Site map

  • Generate Robots.txt file

  • Generate Canonical URL

Don't use this kit cause it's free. Use it cause your time isn't free.